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CBT with Children, Young People and Families
Author: Dunsmuir, Sandra
Format: Book
A manual for practitioners about how to assist children (in the context of their family relationships, and their social settings) using cognitive behavioural therapy. The book presents practical skills and case studies to provide practitioners with the resources they need to support children and young people who have emotional and behavioural difficulties
Psychology Psychology, child Psychology, clinical practice Cognitive behavioural therapy Cognitive behavioural therapy for children CBT Therapy for children Supervision Child Abuse Family relationships Children Young people Adolescents Juveniles
Table of contents
Part 1. Knowledge of children and their context
1. Parents and Child Development
2. The Wider Context - Families, Schools, Culture and Safety
3. Childhood Problems and Distress
Part 2. Core CBT Practice
4. Assessment and Formulation
5. Evaluating Practice
6. Setting the Right Context
7. The Therapeutic Alliance
8. Collaborative Practice
9. Strengthening the Therapeutic Process
10. Facilitating Psychological Understanding
11. Facilitating Acceptance and Coping
12. Facilitating Change - Behavioural Techniques
13. Facilitating Change - Cognitive Techniques
Part 3. CBT in Context
14. Moderating Factors to Effective Practice
15. The Role of Supervision
16. What to Do if CBT Is Not Working
Appendix 1. Session Competency Framework
Appendix 2. Assessment forms
Published: Sage Publications Ltd; London, England, UK
Shelf Number: Py09
Acquisiton Number: 4286
ISBN: 085702728X

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