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Victim Assistance
exploring individual practice, organisational policy and societal responses
Format: Book
A text book on Victimology in the United States, offering students the relevant concepts and theories behind services for victims of crime, as well as improvements that could be made to services in the future. The book addresses attitudes towards violence, barriers to services, the impact of stress and trauma, the victim' role in the justice system, and victims of sexual assault, murder and hate crimes, as well as advocacy for victims of crime
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Table of contents
1. Concepts of victim assistance - Thomas L. Underwood
2. Ecological perspectives of victimisation - Thomas L. Underwood and Nancie D. Palmer
3. Exploring attitudes toward violence and victimisation - Steven D. Walker and Thomas L. Underwood
4. Barriers to services - Richard B. Ellis and Kritine J. Hart
5. The psychological and physiological impact of stress - Dan L. Petersen and Steven D. Walker
6. Trauma and the crime victim - Dan L. Petersen
7. The Justice System and victims - Thomas L. Underwood
8. Victims of sexual abuse and assault, adults and children - Nancie D. Palmer and Christine N. Edmunds
9. Victims of criminal death - Christine N. Edmunds, Dan L. Petersen and Thomas L. Underwood
10. Violence within family systems - Nancie D. Palmer and Christine N. Edmunds
11. Victims of hate and bias crimes - Richard B. Ellis
12. Victim advocacy and public policy - Christine N. Edmunds and Thomas L. Underwood
13. Issues for the profession - Thomas L. Underwood
Published: Springer Publishing Company; New York, USA
Shelf Number: Vy73
Acquisiton Number: 2660
ISBN: 0826147518

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