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Criminal laws in Australia
cases and materials
Author: Arenson, Ken
Format: Book
Criminal Laws in Australia: Cases and Materials describes the criminal law in all the Australian states and territories. The book consists mostly of appellate court judgements that have been edited to show only the passages that are necessary for readers to understand the legal principles contained in them
Law, criminal, Australian
Table of contents
Part 1. Overview -
1. The fundamentals of criminal law.
Part 2. Homicide -
2. Homicide and actus reus.
3. Murder and mens rea.
4. Murder: the doctrines of provocation and self-defence.
5. Involuntary manslaughter.
Part 3. assault -
6. Non-sexual assault.
7. Sexual assault.
Part 4. Theft Offences -
8. Theft.
9. Obtaining property by deception.
10. Burglary, robbery and extortion.
Part 5. The Doctrine of Strict Liability -
11. Strict and absolute liability offences.
Part 6. The Inchoate Offences -
12. Attempt, incitement, and conspiracy.
Part 7. Participatory Liability -
13. Participation in crime: the doctrine of complicity.
Part 8. The General Defences -
14. The defences of compulsion: duress and necessity.
15. The mental state defences: intoxication, insanity, and diminished responsibility.
Published: Oxford University Press; South Melbourne, Vic, Australia
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ISBN: 0195516583

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