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Courts in the Act
15 radio programs exploring key contemporary legal issues
Author: Lifelong Learning
Format: CD audio
A radio broadcast featuring Michael Dawson and Kevin Fielke, of Victim Support Service, amongst others
Law Criminal justice system Crime prevention Children, legal status, laws etc., South Australia Law, international
Table of contents
Divining crime - does more punishment make less crime? Are there effective alternatives? - Maree Shaw, Paul Bennett & Michael Dawson
You'd better get a lawyer, son - the Young Offenders Act, Family Conferencing, Diversion programs for young people - Bill Prior, Michael Dawson, Kevin Fielke and Lincoln Gore
Dreamtime and doing time - Nunga Courts, Aboriginal people in the justice system - Maree Shaw, Paul Bennett and Lincoln Gore
Breaking the cycle - linking drugs and crime ; how the Drug Court works - Susan ML Dusmohammed and John Wells
Design angainst crime - situational prevention and other strategies to deal with factors that lead to crime - Nick Nash, Bill Prior, Des Bray and John Wells
Commissioning help for children - the 2003 child protection review suggested a commissioner for young persons and children; how would that work? - Robyn Layton, 'James', Robyn Sullivan and Tina Dolgopol
Mandated to act? Teachers, doctors and some others have a legal responsibility to report suspected child abuse. Then what happens? Is there a state duty to act? Robyn Layton, Julie Redmond and Tina Dolgopol
Child protection vs Family Court - how does the Family Court respond when a parent is accused of child abuse? - Julie Redmond, Robyn Layton and Linda Dore
Is child protection a pathway to juvenile justice? Are there links between children in child protection and those ending up in the juvenile justice system? - 'James', Tina Dolgopol, Alan Moss, Linda Dore and Robyn Layton
Small children, big concepts. Can young children truly understand how the juvenile justice system works? - 'James', Alan Moss, Linda Dore and Tina Dolgopol
The big bad world : an introduction to the basic foundations and concerns of world order - Wendy Lacey and Judith Gardam
It's all just supply and demand ... and tarriffs : international trade law, the history, agreements and concept of 'free trade' - Dominic Trindade and Steven Deigloff Clark
If a tree falls on the courtroom ... : the scope and effectiveness (or lack thereof) of international environmental law - Rob Fowler
All the world's a battleground : the laws of war, Geneva, Nuremburg and beyond - Judith Gardam and Grant Niemann
Natural rights, unnatrual times : human rights in internatonal law - Tina Dolgopol
Published: Lifelong Learning; Adelaide, South Australia
Shelf Number: CDLa01
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