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Destructive Emotions
and how we can overcome them
Author: Goleman, Daniel
Format: Book
An east meets west approach to recognising and transforming destructive emotions, particularly craving, anger and delusion, known in Buddism as the 'three poisons'. The author drew upon western neuroscience and psychology and a week of meetings with the Dalai Lama
Self help Self development Emotions, Psychology
Table of contents
The Lama in the lab
A natural scientist
The Western perspective - Alan Wallace and Owen Flanagan
A Buddhist Psychology - Matthieu Ricard
The anatomy of mental afflictions - Alan Wallace and Thrupten Jinpa
The universality of emotion - Paul Ekman
Cultivating emotional balance - Venerable Kusalacitto
The neuroscience of emotion - Richard Davidson
Our potential for change
The influence of culture - Jeanne Tsai
Schooling for the Good Heart - Mark Greenberg
Encouraging compassion
The scientific study of consciousness - Fransisco Varela
The Protean brain - Richard Davidson
The journey continues
Published: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc; London, U.K.
Shelf Number: Se94
Acquisiton Number: 1516
ISBN: 0747560420

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