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We believe that all victims of crime in South Australia should have access to free, high quality, expert information and support. Whether you’re a victim of crimefriend or family memberstudent, professional or journalist, you’ll find our Resource Centre full of helpful information.

To borrow, all you need to do is join. Any South Australians can join and it’s free.

Resource Centre

Our Resource Centre offers a unique collection specially chosen to help and support victims of crime in South Australia. We have books, CDs, DVDs, online links and ebooks. These can assist you with coping with anger, grief, depressions, trauma, fear and anxiety as well as coping with specific crimes such as childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, or fraud. 

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Members can borrow 1 or 2 items for 4 weeks at a time. 

You can choose from:

  • ebooks to download and read on your computer, eReader or smart phone (our librarian will send you a password when you join – allow a few days for a reply)
  • books, CDs, or DVDs. 

You can call in to our Adelaide office to pick items up (and browse the shelves while you’re here) or you can ask our librarian to post them out to you.

Returning books

Books are to be returned to the Resource Centre in person or by mail in a padded bag. 

The Resource Centre is located in our Adelaide office (33 Franklin St, ADELAIDE SA 5000).

You can also return items to your local VSS office.

If you take longer to return books, we will send you a reminder. 

If you need to borrow for more than 4 weeks, please ask our librarian for a longer loan.

If books are not returned, they will have to be replaced.

Contact our librarian

Call the Victim Helpline on 1800VICTIM (1800 842 846) or send our librarian an email. Our librarian is available Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

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Information & Resources for Victims of Crime

Browse through our fact sheets or search our Resource Centre catalogue for information about how you might be feeling after crime and what you can do to get back on track. 

Self-help resources

Search the Resource Centre catalogue  for self-help books and ebooks. These can assist you with coping with anger, grief, depression, trauma, fear and anxiety as well as coping with specific crimes such as childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence or fraud.

Fact sheets

Victims' rights

Common reactions after crime

Coping with sleep disturbance

Trauma and your body

Being a witness in court


Compensation Booklet

Property Crime Compensation

Home Invasion

'Revenge porn': Image-based sexual exploitation

For more practical information about common reactions to crime, and tips to help you on your journey to recovery, call the VSS Helpdesk on 1800 VICTIM (1800 842846).                                                                              

Information & Resources for Family and Friends

Many people turn to their family and friends for support after a crime. Helping someone on their journey to recovery from crime can be hard, especially if you are feeling upset by what has happened to the person that you care about. Sometimes it can be difficult for family and friends to know how to act or what to say, or how to help.  Whether you just need someone to talk to about how you're feeling, or if you'd like advice on how to help someone affected by crime, we are here to listen and to provide practical information about what you can do. 

Call the Victim Helpdesk on 1800 VICTIM (1800 842 846) or email us at

You can also search our Resource Centre catalogue for practical information and tips on how to help someone affected by crime. 


Information & Resources for Professionals

Search our catalogue for resources that can support you in your work.

Topics include victimology, criminology, psychology, social work, trauma counselling and the criminal justice system.

Information & Resources for Journalists

The media play an important role in helping the voices of victims to be heard and the impact of crime understood. 

Including Victim Helpdesk details in your story will enable people affected by crime to contact us for support.

Contact the Victim Helpdesk

Phone 1800 VICTIM (1800 842 846)


Media enquiries

Looking for comment on issues affecting victims of crime? 

Call the Victim Helpline on 1800 VICTIM (1800 842 846) and ask for our media team, email or complete our general enquiries form.

Other useful numbers and websites

Our newsroom

Sign up to receive information about press conferences, our latest media releases, submissions and research publications. Simply fill out the form below to have your email added to our Media Update list.

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Commissioner for Victims' Rights

Phone (08) 8204 9635


Witness Assistance Service

Phone (08) 8207 1529


South Australia Police Media Section

Phone (08) 7322 3848


Information & Resources for Students

Search the Resource Centre catalogue to find information and resources to support your study of issues affecting victims of crime.  

Student placements

We offer unique placement opportunities to university students. As a placement student, you’ll get to learn new skills and at the same time find out how we help victims of crime. Click here for more information.

1800 VICTIM (1800 842 846)

1800 842 846

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