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VSS Submission on Domestic Violence


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Stolen Generations and descendants: numbers, demographic characteristics and selected outcomes
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2018
This report provides estimated numbers and demographic characteristics of the Stolen Generations and descendants using a series of ABS surveys. It also presents a range of health and socioeconomic outcomes for the Stolen Generations and descendants, and differences with Indigenous and non-Indigenous comparison groups, to examine the effects of removal from families.

Diversionary pathways for Aboriginal youth with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Harry Blagg, Tamara Tulich, Australian Institute Of Criminology, 2018
This project explores diversionary methods and law reform options that will equip courts and multi-agency teams, partnered with community owned and managed services, to construct alternative pathways into treatment and support.

The Domestic Violence Protection Order system as entry to the criminal justice system for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
H. Douglas, R. Fitzgerald IN International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 7(3),41-57.
This research shows that a disproportionate number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are named on Domestic Violence Protection Orders (dvos), charged with contraventions of dvos and significantly more likely than non-Indigenous people to receive a sentence of imprisonment for a contravention of a DVO.

Child Protection (see also Royal Commission)

Kathryn Lynn Modecki, Bep Uink, Bonnie Barber, Australian Institute of Criminology, 2018
Individuals are far more likely to engage in antisocial behaviour during adolescence than any other period of their life. This paper presents selected results from two studies which used secondary data analysis to provide a theoretically informed picture of youths’ decision-making process.
Teresa Hinton, Social Action and Research Centre, 2018
This research report documents the experience of child removal and its consequences for parents and examines the current service network and its capacity to support them. The report reviews interventions being used in other jurisdictions to break this cycle and makes recommendations.
Our Booris, Our Way Steering Committee ; Office For Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Affairs (ACT), 2018
The ACT government is currently conducting a review of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people in the ACT child protection system. This interim report oulines a number of recommendations that have already been made.
N. Mckillop, S. Rayment-Mchugh, S. Smallbone, Z.Bromham, Australian Institute Of Criminology, 2018
The findings from this research support tailored prevention efforts for adolescents and adults. Emphasis should be placed on primary and secondary prevention efforts that are currently less developed in Australia, compared to tertiary responses.

Crime and Justice

For the latest crime and justice facts and figures, visit Crime Statistics Australia

Law Council of Australia, 2018
The Justice Project, which began in early 2017, is the Law Council’s national, comprehensive review into the state of access to justice in Australia for people experiencing significant disadvantage. It is one of the most extensive reviews of its type in forty years.
Victorian Law Reform Commission, 2018
On 16 December 2016, the Attorney-General, the Hon. Martin Pakula MP, asked the Victorian Law Reform Commission to report on ways to ensure that litigants who use the services of litigation funders or participate in group proceedings (class actions) are not exposed to unfair risks.
Samantha Bricknell, Willow Bryant, Australian Institute Of Criminology, 2018
This paper uses twenty-five years of data from the National Homicide Monitoring Program to describe the characteristics of homicide incidents perpetrated by offenders aged 10–17 years.
Behavioural Insights Unit, Department Of Premier And Cabinet (NSW), 2018
“We used behavioural insights to identify the best way to engage people who are at high-risk of reoffending to voluntarily join behaviour change or other support programs.” (-DPC)
John Coyne, Amelia Meurant-Tompkinson, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 2018
This report analyses the factors that support or restrict technological innovation in federal law enforcement’s anti-money laundering (AML) efforts. While this research focused on technology and AML, it has broader application to technological innovation in law enforcement.
Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, 2018
“The report shows that drug markets in Australia remain resilient, with enduring demand for illicit drugs, particularly illicit stimulants.” (-ACIC)
Queensland Productivity Commission, 2018
The Queensland government has asked the Commission to undertake an inquiry to determine how government resources and policies may be best used to reduce imprisonment and recidivism to improve outcomes for the community.
Suzie Forell, Health Justice Australia, 2018
Health justice partnerships are part of a growing movement that is seeing health and legal services working collaboratively to address a previously unmet legal need. Yet, until now, there has been no reliable data about the number, nature and scope of health justice partnerships across Australia.
Melissa Lovell, Jill Guthrie, Paul Simpson, Tony Butler In Current Issues In Criminal Justice, 29(3),2018
This article reports upon in-depth interviews conducted with five senior criminal justice policy-makers, each of whom was broadly sympathetic to reforming criminal justice policy to achieve the goal of lower incarceration levels.
C. Mirrlees-Black and S. A. & Randell, Law and Justice Foundation, 2017
A. Morgan, S. Lyneham, D. Davy, M. Coughlan, Australian Institute Of Criminology, 2018
Research has demonstrated that alcohol misuse has a significant impact on police time and resources, the health sector and the broader Australian community. This study looks at the steps required to establish practical, high-quality indicators of alcohol-related crime at a national level.
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2018
This report presents data on returns to sentenced supervision using measures developed as part of a related Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) project—Using the Juvenile Justice National Minimum Data Set to measure juvenile recidivism.

Domestic Violence

View the latest ANROWS research on domestic violence here

Tom Gotsis, Parliamentary Research Service (NSW), 2018
Non-lethal strangulation is a significant form of domestic violence offending designed to exert physical and psychological control over victims. Non-lethal strangulation may also act as indicator of future violence, including homicide. Following concerns raised by the Domestic Violence Death Review Team that strangulation offences “were not being charged under the NSW offence of strangulation, but rather were being charged as common assault or assault occasioning actual bodily harm offences”, the New South Wales Department of Justice has commenced a review into the effectiveness of section 37 of the Crimes Act 1900.
South Australia is also considering law reform on this issue – you can read the VSS Submission
Respect Victoria, 2018
Respect Victoria is the new Victorian family violence prevention agency.
Helen Rhoades, Australian Law Reform Commission, 2018
Paper presented by Professor Rhoades at the AIFS Conference on 27 July 2018.
Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety, 2018
“The research identifies: women in prison are a particularly vulnerable group who are likely to be at a high risk of ongoing victimisation; significant barriers exist that prevent women in prison from accessing IPV support services while in prison and post-release; current service models are unresponsive to the specific needs of women in prison and post-release;” (-ANROWS)
Hayley Boxall, Chloe Boyd, C. Dowling, A. Morgan, Australian Institute Of Criminology, 2018
“The findings illustrate how crime script analysis can be applied to domestic violence to help identify ways to intervene to prevent repeat violence and reduce harm to victims.” (-AIC)
Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, 2018
At the 2018 Midsumma Carnival held in Melbourne, the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby conducted a survey of attendees on LGBTIQ related family violence. There were 267 respondents in this study. The report analyses the community responses.
Isabella Voce, Hayley Boxall, Australian Institute Of Criminology, 2018
This analysis found that victims who are female, non-white, experiencing frequent violence and who have been abused in the past are more likely to report. Incidents that involve serious violence, an intoxicated offender and/or child witnesses are also more likely to be reported.

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

The Royal Commission has released its final report. View past information about the Commission here

VSS & the National Redress Scheme for Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse
The National Redress Scheme opened on 1 July 2018 and Victim Support Service is delighted that the Department of Social Services has extended our funding for our Royal Commission Support Service for six months, until 31 December 2018, to enable us to support survivors to apply to the scheme. 
The South Australian Parliament has now passed the relevant legislation enabling its own participation in the scheme, as well as non-government organisations operating in SA.  Work is now underway to enable applications to be processed. 
In the meantime, survivors can begin the application process. This can be done directly by lodging an application on line with the National Redress Scheme or calling 1800 737 377 to request a hardcopy application form. 

The Australian Government does recognise that this may be a daunting process for many survivors, not only in terms of the paperwork to be completed but also in triggering past trauma, hence extending the funding of existing support services.  They will also be offering funding for services to support survivors past this year. 
We encourage survivors to contact us on 1800 842 846 to find out more.
Responses to the Commission’s findings
Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Catholic Religious Australia, 2018
Catholic leaders have responded to the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and have vowed that the Church’s shameful history will never be repeated.
Truth Justice and Healing Council, 2018
The 4 volume report from the Australian Catholic Church in response to the findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. 


Victims of crime

Everyone’s business: fourth national survey on sexual harassment in Australian workplaces
Australian Human Rights Commission, 2018
The Australian public has rightly demanded to know more about the pervasiveness and impact of workplace sexual harassment and to see concerted action taken to prevent this behaviour from occurring. Government and employers need reliable data to inform their actions and responses to workplace sexual assault and harassment.

Trauma-Informed Approach to Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence.
V.A. Anyikwa IN J Evid Inf Soc Work. 2016 Sep-Oct;13(5):484-91.
It is imperative that social workers increase awareness of trauma, its impact on women, and the importance of the approach and environment in which they provide services. In this article the author aims to broaden social workers’ knowledge of the use of a Trauma-Informed approach developed by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. This approach is applicable across systems of care, particularly when working with women survivors of intimate partner violence.


In the Media

Recent ABC media reports on Law, Crime and Justice can be viewed online here

Recent South Australian news can be viewed here

Drug abuse makes domestic violence 'more vicious', but it is not the cause
Greg Mayfield, Port Pirie Recorder, 26 September 2018

Perpetrators using drones to stalk victims in new age of technology fuelled harassment
ABC News, 2018



Day for Daniel 26 October 2018
Wear Red, Educate and Donate on Australia's largest child safety awareness and education day. Events will be held around Australia. Register to participate.
Daniel Morcombe Foundation


Conference theme is “Be the change: Leaving no one behind”
20-23 November 2018. Cairns, QLD.
5-7 December 2018. Adelaide, SA.
KWY Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services.


Bower Place Workshops
The Practitioners at Bower Place have extensive experience working with complex systems and families. The topics they are presenting in 2018 are all approached through this lens. These workshops are only for professionals who are currently working in the field. A series of workshops on Working with complex children, adolescents, adults and families will be conducted in October to December 2018.
8 October 2018, 5-6pm. Training Courses - Open Night

Traumatic Grief and Complicated Loss, New Breakthroughs and Reliable Tools to Help Clients after Death, Divorce and other Losses: Best Practice to Restore Your Clients Lives after Loss
This workshop will focus on presenting strategies to help clients to develop new coping strategies and resilience. The emphasis will be on the techniques you can use when working with clients who have been through heartbreaking events, as well as for those left behind after a death.
15 October 2018. Adelaide, SA.
TATRA Training

Supporting Resilient Workers: Addressing vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout.
Workers will come away equipped to recognise and address their own experiences in the workplace and support colleagues and their organisation to recognise and manage these very common effects of working with trauma. 
OST: $310 pp (includes lunch and refreshments)
Bookings: Fiona Meade Counselling & Group work, Ph: 0452 040 997 Email:
16 October, 2018. 9.30am – 4pm. Whyalla Norrie, SA.
18 October, 2018. 9.30am – 4pm. Port Lincoln, SA.
FIONA MEADE Counselling & Group Work


1800 VICTIM (1800 842 846)

1800 842 846

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