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Letter from the Chief Executive Julian Roffe


Dear friends of VSS

Welcome to the November edition of Crime Victim e-news.

Children are often the ‘hidden victims’ of crime. In her 2011 paper “Gendered violence and its impact on children”, Guardian for Children and Young People Pam Simmons identified that some of the worst violence against children is in families untouched by universal programs. “Families who could benefit the most are also the families who avoid services, and agencies and workers avoid them”.

This is a theme we will be exploring at our 2015 Annual Conference on Tuesday 10th November entitled “Improving Justice and Support for Child and Adolescent Victims of Crime”. You can see more details, including a draft program, later in this edition of Crime Victim e-news, and you can register for the conference here

Often when we think of crimes perpetrated against children we immediately think of their maltreatment – child sexual abuse, neglect, physical abuse & so on. Offences that commonly fall under the auspices of child protection agencies & Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS.)

But what about those children who experience crime, but don’t necessarily meet the threshold for child protection or mental health services or whose crimes remain largely unreported? What support do they need to cope with their experience, & what is currently available to them in South Australia? This is another key theme for this year’s Conference.

To assess this in South Australian is very difficult. The Victims of Crime (VOC) Consultative Committee was abandoned many years ago and we have not had a VOC survey for over 20 years.

However, an inquiry in 2014 by Victim Support UK on behalf of the Parliamentary Group for Victims & Witnesses of Crime found that:

  • Less than one-fifth of children & young people who experience theft or violent crime are reporting these to police;
  • Over 800,000 violent or property related crimes were experienced by children aged 10-15 years in 2013-14;
  • Of these, over half were categorized as violent, with just over two-thirds resulting in some form of injury to the child;
  • Most incidents of violence or theft affecting children occur in and around schools.

The Conference will draw on a broad range of perspectives including those of the South Australian government, the judiciary, the Guardian for Children & Young People, the Commissioner for Victims Rights, Aboriginal Legal Rights, the disability sector, academics, children service providers and schools to map existing services and identify gaps.

Julian Roffe

Chief Executive



VSS Update



Improving Justice & Support for Child & Adolescent Victims of Crime

A 1-day conference to explore services available for people under 18 years who have been traumatised by crime (including domestic violence & child abuse) and to improve services and outcomes for young victims of crime in South Australia.

For more information please click here

To view the program please click here 

To make a booking please click here 

10 November, 2015. Adelaide Pavilion, South Parklands, Adelaide, SA.

Victim Support Service Inc. in partnership with Anglicare



YIN Personal Safety with Sharon Stewart :
An introduction/refresher session for women in personal power & personal safety

Thursday 26 November, 2015. Victim Support Service, 11 Halifax Street, Adelaide

Time: 9:45am - 12:30pm. Registrations open at 9.45am
For more information click here 
To make a booking click here 

Sharon Stewart with Victim Support Service


Aboriginal Issues


'Paperless arrests' [Audio program]

Wendy Carlisle, ABC Radio National, 2015

The Northern Territory coroner has called for paperless arrest laws to be repealed following the death of an Indigenous man in custody.


Lessons lost in sentencing: welding individualised justice to Indigenous justice

Thalia Anthony, Lorana Bartels, Anthony Hopkins, Melbourne University Law Review, 2015

This article looks at opportunities for the Australian High Court “to grapple with the complex interrelationship

between individualised justice and Indigenous circumstances in the sentencing of Indigenous offenders” (Melb. Uni. Law Rev.)


Child Protection – see also Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse


Literature review of the impact of early childhood education and care on learning and development

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2015

Early childhood education and care programs play a vital role in the development of Australian children and their preparation for school, and enabling parents to work.


The longitudinal study of Australian children: annual statistical report 2014

Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2015

“This report covers a variety of aspects of the ways in which Australian children's experiences and environments affect their prospects and progress, from birth to 13 years of age”, [including] “early onset of criminal and delinquent behaviour among children in late childhood and early adolescence.” (AIFS)


School transitions for vulnerable young people: re-engaging students through local initiatives

Stephen Crump, Roger Slee, The Victoria Institute for Education, Diversity and Lifelong Learning, 2015

A review of research, key government reports and local approaches to support primary to secondary school transitions in 3 cities in Victoria.


Pathways of care longitudinal study: outcomes of children and young people in out-of-home care in NSW : wave 1 basic statistical report

Australian Institute of Family Studies, Department of Family and Community Services (NSW), 2015

This report showcases data from face-to-face interviews with caregivers of 1,285 children and young people who were entering out-of-home care for the first time in NSW.


Crime Prevention


Investigation into the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners in Victoria

Victorian Ombudsman, 2015

“What is the correctional system doing to rehabilitate offenders – to improve public safety and reduce the number of repeat offenders?” (-Victorian Ombudsman)


State of the art 2015: a literature review of social media intelligence capabilities for counter-terrorism

Jamie Bartlett, Louis Reynolds, Demos, 2015

Reviews “specific social media research techniques…which can help to maintain public safety by preventing
terrorism, preparing for it, protecting the public from it and pursuing its perpetrators.” (-Demos)


The role of youth in countering violent extremism and promoting peace: address to UN Security Council Ministerial Debate

Scott Atran, International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding, United Nations Security Council, 2015

With some insights from social science research, this address to the UN Security Council outlines a few conditions that may help move young potential Islamic State fighters from taking the path of violent extremism.


Domestic Violence


Domestic violence survey
Women’s Legal Services Australia (WLSA) are gathering information about the extent to which victims/survivors of domestic/family violence who have been involved in family law children’s proceedings are affected by the process.

To respond to the survey click here   The survey will remain open until 31 December 2015.


Tipping points and the accommodation of the abuser: Ongoing incestuous abuse during adulthood. 

Middleton, W.(2015) IN International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 4(2): 4-17.

“This paper introduces the subject of prolonged incest via the lens of organised abuse, summarises research on incestuous abuse and draws on multiple clinical examples to elucidate the mechanisms by which such abuse merges with, or develops into, variations of organised abuse” (-Middleton, W.)
Suicide and suicidal behaviour in women: Issues and prevention. A discussion paper.

Suicide Prevention Australia, 2015

Discusses “the available data and statistics relating to suicide and suicidal behaviour in women, the most relevant risk factors for women, the subpopulation groups more at-risk, the impact of cultural beliefs and attitudes about gender, and the policy environment.” (-SPA)


Remote control  [DVRCV Advocate, 1 (Autumn-Winter): 37-40]

Woodlock, D.,  Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria, 2015

“Technology-facilitated abuse is having a devastating impact on women’s lives, according to a new national survey of domestic violence workers.” (-Woodlock, D.) 

Stepping stones: legal barriers to economic equality after family violence

Emma Smallwood, Women’s Legal Service Victoria, 2015

“Legal and economic problems arising from family violence result in serious financial hardship for women. .. This report contains the findings of the project and recommendations for solutions.” (-WLSV)


Young Australians’ attitudes to violence against women

Anita Harris [and others], Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth), 2015

This report focuses on the responses given by 1,923 young people who responded to the National Community Attitudes towards Violence Against Women Survey. These findings are compared with those aged 35 – 64 years of age, enabling results to be compared between two generations: young people and their parents. The report identifies positive attitudes and some areas of concern with regard to the attitudes of young people on violence. 


Meta-evaluation of existing interagency partnerships, collaboration, coordination and/or integrated interventions and service responses to violence against women: State of knowledge paper

Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety Limited, 2015

 “A preliminary overview of the literature on the partnerships, collaborations and integrated interventions in relation to domestic and family violence and sexual assault in the international and Australian context” (-ANROWS). 


Implementing trauma-informed systems of care in health settings: The WITH study. State of knowledge paper

Breckenridge, J., [and others], Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety Limited, 2015

 “This paper examines the available literature on trauma-informed frameworks, models and guidelines that guide organisations to improve service provision to survivors of sexual violence with mental health problems” (-ANROWS). 


National survey on Perceptions of Enforcement of Domestic Violence Protection Orders in Australia.
The Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research (CDFVR) is currently undertaking an ANROWS research project that explores the enforcement of family and domestic violence protection orders in Australia.
The first study in the project involves an online national survey with police, lawyers, magistrates, domestic violence services and victims’ advocate services to capture their views and personal experiences in enforcing protection orders. CDFVR is now inviting domestic violence advocates to take part in the survey. Responses close 30 November
Here is the survey link 




Methamphetamine: focusing Australia’s National Ice Strategy on the problem, not the symptoms

John Coyne, Vern White, Cesar Alvarez, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 2015

This report focuses on “means to reduce the availability of drugs, the disruption of user behaviour and the integration of education and health initiatives” (-ASPI)


Trends in methylamphetamine availability, use and treatment, 2003–04 to 2013–14

Mark Petricevic, Simone Brown, Melinda Petrie, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2015

“Arrests, seizures and detections have all increased. Users are now favouring the crystal form of methylamphetamine. They are using it more frequently, and, there appear to be more new users of crystal.” (-AIHW)


National drug policy 2015 to 2020 (NZ)

Ministry of Health (New Zealand), 2015

“Sets out the Government’s approach to alcohol and other drug issues, with the overarching goal of minimising alcohol and other drug harm, and promoting and protecting health and wellbeing.” (-MOHNZ)


Medicinal cannabis

Victorian Law Reform Commission, 2015

This report is intended to “review and report options for changes to the law to allow people to be treated with medicinal cannabis in exceptional circumstances” (-VLRC)




ANROWS inConversation with Professor Leigh Goodmark and Professor Rosalind Croucher AM 

Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety Limited, 2015

In August 2015, US legal scholar Professor Leigh Goodmark visited Australia to focus on legal responses to violence against women; reconstructing legal responses to domestic violence and finding “justice beyond the justice system” for women who struggle to find redress from within the justice system. During her visit Professor Goodmark spoke with Professor Rosalind Croucher AM, President of the Australian Law Reform Commission, as part of the ANROWS inConversation series. 


Redress and civil litigation report

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, 2015

“This report contains recommendations in relation to the provision of effective redress for survivors through the establishment, funding and operation of a single national redress scheme and the provision of a direct personal response to survivors by institutions. This report also contains recommendations for reforms to civil litigation systems to make civil litigation a more effective means of providing justice for survivors.” (-RCIRCSA)


Forensic science evidence and the conditions for rational (jury) evaluation

Gary Edmond, Melbourne University Law Review, 2015

Looks at the presentation of complex forensic medical evidence to juries and argues that the current legal system does not make “credible efforts to present forensic science and medical evidence in ways that take account of the dependent and vulnerable position of fact-finders [jurors]”.  (-Edmond, G.)


Older prisoners: trends and challenges

Chris Angus, New South Wales Parliamentary Research Service, 2015

Looks at the issues involved in, and best practice responses to, the challenges of an ageing prison population.


Pathways through youth justice supervision: further analyses

Kirsten Morgan, Josh Sweeney, Shayan Shahid, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2015

“Looks at the complete youth justice supervision history of 24,102 young people in Australia, who experienced supervision, both in the community and in detention, between 1 July 2000 and 30 June 2014 when they were aged 10–17” (-AIHW)


Measuring crime


Prior offending among family violence perpetrators: A Tasmanian sample

Hayley Boxall, Dr Jason Payne and Dr Lisa Rosevear, Australian Institute of Criminology, 2015

“This study provides a snapshot of the six year offending histories of a cohort of Tasmanian family violence perpetrators. What emerges is a clear association between the frequency of family violence incidents and a history of other offending.” (-AIC)

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse


Call for submissions: Issues paper 10: Advocacy and Support and Therapeutic Treatment Services
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is calling for submissions from interested parties on issues relating to advocacy and support and therapeutic treatment services. Submissions must be received by 13 November 2015.

See no evil, hear no evil:  understanding failure to identify and report child sexual abuse in institutional contexts [research report]
Professor Eileen Munro and Dr Sheila Fish for the Royal Commission, 2015
The report’s  methodology “ involved analysing the two published case studies available when our work began – Case Study One and Case Study Two – and drawing on research into human errors of reasoning and on how organisational factors can contribute to human error.” (-Munro, E. & Fish, S.)

Submissions published for police and prosecution responses issues paper 
The Royal Commission has published 24 submissions from organisations and those with professional experience in response to its issues paper on police and prosecution responses to institutional child sexual abuse.

Public hearing: Case Study 34 into Brisbane Grammar School and St Paul's School, Brisbane 
The Royal Commission will hold a public hearing in Brisbane 3-13 November 2015.


Public hearing: Case Study 35 into Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and Case Study 28 (continued) into Catholic Church authorities 

The Royal Commission will hold a public hearing in Melbourne from 24 November – 4 December, 2015.


New Publications in the VSS Resource Centre


Overcoming childhood sexual trauma: a guide to breaking through the wall of fear for practitioners and survivors.  Oz, Sheri; Ogiers, S-J. 2014. Explores the experiences of client and therapist as they travel the path to recovery. Cs91

Basic personal counselling : a training manual for counsellors.  Geldard, David; Geldard, Kathryn. 2012. An easy-to-read introduction to best practice in counselling skills for workers in the helping professions. Sw77

Social work with indigenous communities : a human rights approach.  Briskman, Linda (ed.) 2014. Provides practitioners and students with a good understanding of working with Indigenous communities Sw76




Find & Connect: history & information about Australian orphanages, children’s homes and other institutions  A resource for Forgotten Australians, Former Child Migrants & those interested in the history of child welfare in Australia.


Good Money Store

Policy and Community Development have recently opened the Good Money Store at Salisbury. This store is the first ‘one-stop shop’ providing zero interest and fee-free loans to disadvantaged Australians. The store is supported by DCSI, Good Shepherd Microfinance and the National Australia Bank. 


Stop elder abuse

A public awareness campaign to safeguard the rights of older people and increase awareness of Elder Abuse in South  Australian. Also provides information about where to get support.

SA Health


In the Media


Victims of abuse - Official figures paint a bleak picture of domestic violence in South Australia
Channel Ten news video


$100 million to keep women safe
Commonwealth government media release


Domestic violence support services for children fall short, Victims' commissioner tells Adelaide symposium

ABC Report


Domestic violence abusers should face mandatory jail time like one-punch offenders: Indigenous advisor

ABC Report


Pope Francis meets victims of clergy sex abuse, says 'God weeps' for them

ABC Report


Luke Batty inquest: Perpetrators of family violence must be made accountable, says Rosie Batty

ABC Report


Adelaide marks National Police Remembrance Day with service at Taperoo academy

ABC Report


Free online legal chat service set to help people access a lawyer in South Australia

ABC Report


Tasmanian youth rehabilitation program to target criminal thinking

ABC Report


Child sex abuse royal commission: Abuse at Salvation Army boys' homes was 'widespread, unchecked' over time

ABC Report


WA prison skills program changing lives as Government seeks new approach to Aboriginal incarceration rates

ABC Report


Salvation Army review of compensation settlements to focus on 'outliers', commissioner says

ABC Report


SA Independent Commissioner Against Corruption investigations increased year-on-year: report

ABC Report


Child sexual abuse royal commission: Salvation Army told law firm to avoid courts, inquiry hears

ABC Report


SA police unions call for $100 million IT investment to crack down on terrorism

ABC Report


Two Crime Stoppers calls provided breakthrough in identifying 2yo found near suitcase

ABC Report


One in four Australian women a victim of intimate partner violence, ANROWS report finds

ABC Report




A concert to support the work of Zahra Foundation Australia.

Supporting women and children affected by domestic and family violence. Featuring the Adelaide Benefit Concert Choir & associated performers. Cost: $20 or $10 concession or Donation at the door.

RSVP to Peter Burke, Event Organizer, 0411 872 461

8 November, 2015. St Peter's Cathedral, North Adelaide

Zahra Foundation Australia


Annual "Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast"

Help celebrate the United Nations "International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women". 

Guest speaker: Rosie Batty. Book online here. 

25 November, 2015.  Adelaide Convention Centre

White Ribbon Campaign


2015 Flame of Change - Unifying Support Awards Ceremony and Christmas Dinner

Celebrating the work of the domestic and Aboriginal family violence and the homelessness sector.

For further information and to book please visit the KWY website 

11 December,  2015.  Crowne Plaza, Adelaide, SA.

Kornar Winmil Yunti




Improving Justice & Support for Child & Adolescent Victims of Crime

A 1-day conference to explore services available for young people under 18 years who have been traumatised by crime, and, to improve services and outcomes for young victims of crime in SA.

To view the program click here 

To make a booking click here 

10 November, 2015.  Adelaide Pavilion, South Parklands, Adelaide, SA.

Victim Support Service Inc. in partnership with Anglicare


3rd World Conference of Women’s Shelters

3-6 November, 2015.  The Hague, Netherlands.
Global Network of Women’s Shelters (GNWS)


4-6 November, 2015.  Morphettville, Adelaide, SA.
Community Centres SA


The 36th Australian Family Therapy Conference

Register here 

6-7 November, 2015. Melbourne, Victoria.                                                                                                                  
Australian Association of Family Therapists


Improving Reintegration from Prison into the Community

For more information and to book  
2-3 December, 2015.  Sydney, NSW.
Australian Policy Online


Inaugural National Research Conference on Violence against Women and their Children.

This will showcase current ANROWS and Australian research demonstrating how research is informing policy and practice in addressing violence against women.

For more information and to register, visit the conference website 
23-25 February, 2016.  Melbourne, Victoria.





Working with Trauma and the Body

A 2-day experiential and skill development focused workshop. Presented by Dr Andrew Harkin. For practitioners who want to develop skills and confidence to integrate the body into their trauma work.
More details and to book 

2-3 November, 2015.  Adelaide, SA

Adelaide Trauma Centre Inc.


Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Illness - Carer program

This program is conducted over 4 weeks plus a forum provides information on learning to care effectively for yourself and the person with coexisting drug/alcohol and mental illness. For more information phone MIFSA on 8378 4100. To book email

4 November, 2015 (commences).  Adelaide, SA.

MIFSA (Mental Illness Fellowship SA)


Mental Illness -Partner Program

This program is conducted over 4 weeks and works through the stress caused by mental illness and to strengthen relationships for couples. For more information phone MIFSA on 8378 4100. To book email

6 November, 2015 (commences). MIFSA Wayville, Adelaide, SA.  

MIFSA (Mental Illness Fellowship SA)


Free public lecture -: ‘Narratives, Images, Queers and Asylum Seekers: What do Australia’s stories tell us?’

To be delivered by Professor Nan Seuffert - Director, Legal Intersections Research Centre, University of Wollongong.

13 November, 2015. Yungondi Way, City West, University of South Australia.

Remembering Dunstan Project, UniSA


Multicultural Domestic Violence Response Training

Lifeline’s accredited training program that enables health, allied health and frontline workers supporting multicultural communities to confidently recognise signs of domestic violence & respond with appropriate care & refer affected individuals to relevant support services.  For more information call 8202 5604.
To register complete the registration form online  

19-20 November, 2015. Coglin Street Multicultural Training Centre, Adelaide.



Working Therapeutically with Adult Survivors of Complex Trauma: 2-Day Professional Development Training

For health professionals working in therapeutic contexts with adult survivors of complex trauma.
Cost: Full Price $575, ASCA Professional Member Price $517.50, Student price $450.

For more information and to book click here 

19-20 November, 2015.  Adelaide, SA

ASCA (Adults Surviving Child  Abuse)


Intimate Partner Sexual Violence Workshop

Presenters: Louise McOrmond Plummer & Helen Newman. Cost: $160, includes Morning / Afternoon Tea and Lunch.

Purchase tickets here.

20 November, 2015.  Port Pirie, SA.

Port Pirie Domestic Violence Action Group


Working with Family Complexity and Inequality in the 21st Century : Inaugural Bower Place Oration

Presented by Malcolm Robinson and Catherine Sanders. A 1-hour lecture that will explore the impact of social and economic inequality and complexity on families and the  implications of this for service delivery and clinical-therapeutic practice, including practical approaches that can be adopted by workers in a diverse range of settings.

24 November 2015. Adelaide, SA.
Bower Place 


Suicide Prevention Workshop

Free workshop for community members aged over 18 years. The program helps participants recognise when a person may be having thoughts of suicide, and provides a simple strategy to intervene and assist them.

To register click here

3 December, 2015. Glenelg, SA.

Wesley LifeForce


Suicide Prevention Workshop

Free workshop for  community members aged over 18 years. The program helps participants recognise when a person may be having thoughts of suicide, and provides a simple strategy to intervene and assist them.

To register click here

4 February, 2016. Mawson Lakes, SA.

Wesley LifeForce


1800 VICTIM (1800 842 846)

1800 842 846

Port Lincoln (Lower Eyre), Whyalla (Upper Eyre), Port Augusta (Far North), Port Pirie (Yorke & Mid North), Berri (Riverland), Murray Bridge (Murraylands), Mount Gambier (Limestone Coast)