We are working hard to improve support for victims of crime and their families in South Australia. We do this by listening to victims of crime, acknowledging their needs, and empowering them to have their voice heard at every level of Government and the justice system. 

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VSS Professional Victim Worker of the Year Award 2017

At the VSS annual general meeting on Monday 30th October, the victim worker of the year award was presented Greg Mayfield, senior journalist for the Recorder and the Flinders News at Port Pirie.

Greg Mayfield was honoured by this award for his work in the campaign against domestic violence. 

This award has promoted awareness of domestic violence in regional South Australia - 

Recorder journalist named Victims Worker of the Year (The Recorder, October 31st, 2017)

Recorder journalist named Victims Worker of the Year (The Flinders News, October 31st, 2017)


House break-ins have lasting personal impact 

The RAA’s latest research reveals that victims’ stress and anxiety levels are highly impacted following a house break-in. 

We provide free emotional support and practical information about personal safety, home security and compensation claims.

Anyone impacted by a break-in can call the VSS Helpdesk on 1800 VICTIM (1800 842846) for free information and support.

Media Enquiries

Looking for comment on issues affecting victims of crime? Call the Victim Helpline on 1800 VICTIM (1800 842 846) and ask for our media team. You can also email us at media@victimsa.org or complete our general enquiries form.

Media Releases

24 November 2016 Victim Support Service reports growth in number of victims seeking domestic abuse support services in South Australia

31 October 2016 State Government draws on Victims of Crime Fund to extend Women's Domestic Violence Court Assistance Service

31 October 2016 Minister Malinauskas to speak at 2016 VSS Annual General Meeting

28 October 2016 Victim Support Service welcomes criminalisation of revenge porn in South Australia

4 October 2016 New service centre for South Australians impacted by crime and abuse

16 September 2016 Registrations for private sessions with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse closing soon

30 August House break-ins have lasting personal impact 

8 August 2016 Victims of crime are 'second-class citizens'

31 July 2016 Victim Support Service launches SALA Festival pop-up gallery to highlight victims' experiences of crime

1 July 2016 ‘Grand designs’ to help children recover from family and domestic abuse

1 July 2016 Victims re-traumatised by archaic criminal justice system

12 April 2016 Commonwealth and States coming together to tackle family and domestic abuse

30 March 2016 Victim Support Service says Victorian Royal Commission in to Family Violence lays down a marker for others to follow

15 March 2016 Hidden cost of new compensation laws

1 March 2016 New program to support victims of property crime in Western Adelaide 

24 December 2015 Victim Support Service wins 'Keeping Women Safe' D3 Digital Challenge

23 December 2015 Bereaved children left empty-handed by further delays to compensation Bill

6 December 2015 Victim Support Service calls for action to Save Radio Adelaide

1 December 2015 Success of Victims Support Service's Staying Home, Staying Safe program recognised at 2015 Australian Crime & Violence Prevention Awards

22 October 2015 Victim Support Service says demand for victim services on the rise despite drop in reported crime

19 June 2015 State Budget provides mixed-bag for victims

6 May 2015 VSS welcomes tougher legislation to better protect victims of domestic violence

2 April 2015 Put people first: Victim Support Service calls for 'victim-focused' justice system'

2 March 2015 Court closure a sad day for justice

14 September 2014 Access to justice limited by more cuts in SA courts

30 June 2014 New 'Tracking App' for victims of crime

Our Publications

We regularly deliver presentations about the work we do to help victims of crime on their journey to recovery. 

'Why did she take the pictures in the first place?': Sexting, Revenge Porn and the Law

On 31 August 2016, the Flinders University Centre for Crime Policy and Research and Victim Support Service co-presented a Professional Development Seminar regarding Sexting, Revenge Porn and the Law.

Sexting and 'revenge porn' use email, mobile phones and the internet to circulate intimate still and video images. Sexting may or may not occur with consent. Revenge porn, by definition, occurs without consent.

Drawing from current Flinders University research and South Australian examples, the presentations explore the offence of ‘revenge porn’, examining the social, technological and legal context within which these offences are perpetrated.

The remedies for such offences are outlined including legislation, policy responses and victim supports. Check out the presentations delivered at the Seminar below. 

Sexting and Revenge Pornography

Tahlee Mckinlay, Flinders University

Five Myths about Revenge Porn 

Katherine McLachlan and Victoria Laughton, Victim Support Service

Revenge Porn CPD Seminar

Dr David Plater, South Australian Law Reform Insitute and the South Australian Attorney-General's Department

Looking for a VSS speaker for your next event?

Call the VSS Helpdesk on 1800 VICTIM (1800 842 846).

Self-medication by victims of crime

We are working with Flinders University to understand the experiences of victims of crime who use alcohol and other substances to copy with the impact of crime and trauma. 

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Download our submissions to Government and other stakeholders on important issues affecting victims of crime. 

Policy area Title Date
Alcohol-fueled violence Review of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 January 2016
Child Protection Royal Commission into the Safety of At Risk Children: Draft Terms of Reference August 2014
Child Sexual Abuse Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Criminal Justice October 2016
  Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Experiences of Police and Prosecution Responses  June 2015
  Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Redress and Litigation March 2015
  Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Statutory Victims of Crime Compensation Schemes June 2014
  Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Advocacy and Support and Therapeutic Treatment Services November 2015
Courts Consultation on the Impact of Court Closures in South Australia December 2014
Disability NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework April 2015
  Senate Community Affairs References Committee: Indefinite Detention of People with Cognitive or Psychiatric Impairment in Australia April 2016
Family and Domestic Abuse Statutes Amendment (Domestic Violence) Bill 2018 Consultation August 2018
  Social Development Committee Inquiry into Domestic and Family Violence February 2015
  Senate Finance and Public Administration References Committee: Domestic Violence and Gender Inequality March 2016
  Domestic Violence Discussion Paper September 2016
Image-based Sexual Exploitation Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee: Inquiry into Revenge Porn in Australia January 2016
Offenders Draft Sentencing (First Principles) Bill 2016 March 2016
  Criminal Law (Extended Supervision Orders) Bill 2015 February 2015
  Improving Responses to Women Offenders and Prisoners in Correctional Settings April 2014
Provocation Criminal Law Consolidation (Provocation) Amendment Bill 2013 August 2014
State Election Submission to inform: 2014 South Australian Election January 2014
Transforming Criminal Justice  Connecting the Criminal Justice System through Information Management April 2016
  Better Sentencing Options: Creating the Best Outcomes for our Community September 2015
  Efficient Progression and Resolution of Major Indictable Offences April 2015
  Putting People First March 2015
Victims of Crime Compensation Victims of Crime Compensation (Amendment) Bill 2014 September 2014


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Conference overview

Julian Roffe, Chief Executive, Victim Suport Service


Keynote - The needs of child and adolescent victims of crime

Prof S Caroline Taylor


Facilitated workshop - Mapping the issues



Plenary sessions

Post-separation violence and the implications

Prof Donna Chung


The experience of children and adolescents in care

Amanda Shaw, Guardian for Children and Young People


Aboriginal child and adolescent victims of crime

Cheryl Axelby, Chief Executive Officer, Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement


The experience of child and adolescent victims of crime with a disability

Hon Kelly Vincent MLC, Dignity for Disability


Can we improve outcomes for child and adolescent victims of crime?

Assoc Prof Rita Schackel, Sydney Law School


Perspectives from the education sector

John Perti, Psychologist and Evan Pezos, Director - Student Welfare, Rostrevor College


Working with adolescent victims

Robert Leardi, Clinical Psychologist, 'Take-Two' Berry Street

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