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Mental Illness: A Challenge for the Justice System - Forum
15 February, 2012. The Italian Centre, 262 Carrington Street, Adelaide, SA.
Guest speakersDr Adam Tomison, Garner Clancey, Dr Astrid Birgden, Professor Rick Sarre, Greg Mead
Contact: Fiona Gilmore: (08) 8212 8873 or e-mail: fiona.gilmore@mhcsa.org.au

Writing the Wrongs, Creative Writing Workshop(free)
21 February, 2012.  11 Halifax St, Adelaide, SA.
Contact info@victimsa.org

Reminder: Advancing Victim-Centred Knowledge - Essay Contest 2011-2012
To nominate articles, please email papers@victimsa.org
Due date: 28 February, 2012

Zee Productions presents: I looked into the darkness around me, by Dirk Zadra
Supporting Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast
9 May, 2012. The Studio, Holden Street Theatres, Hindmarsh, SA.
Five double passes to be given away – Contact e-news@victimsa.org



Child protection Australia 2010–11
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2012.
‘… comprehensive information on state and territory child protection and support services, and the characteristics of Australian children within the child protection system.’ (- AIHW)

Interagency collaboration, Part A: What is it, what does it look like, when is it needed and what supports it?
Myfanwy McDonald and Kate Rosier, Australian Institute of Family Studies, October 2011.
‘looks at what collaboration is, the benefits and risks of involving families in collaborations, when interagency collaborations are likely to be most effective and explores how they can be supported through specific models of governance.’ (- AIFS)

Protecting children: Evolving systems
Daryl Higgins, Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2011.
‘Protecting children is a collective, community responsibility. It is much more than a statutory system for intervening to remove children at risk of serious harm, or impose obligations on parents to address issues to ensure children can be safely cared for in their own home.’ (- AIFS)

Risks and safety for Australian children on the internet
Full findings from the AU Kids Online survey
of 9-16 year olds and their parents
Lelia Green, Danielle Brady, Kjartan Ólafsson, John Hartley, Catharine Lumby in Cultural Science, Vol 4 No 1. 2011.
‘… in spite of very considerable efforts put into raising awareness and improving safety online for Australian children in recent years, a comparatively high proportion (30%) are bothered by some things they experience online, predominantly related to online bullying and seeing sexual images.’ (- Cultural Science)

Working with Sibling Sexual Abuse
Cindy Tarczon, Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Abuse, 2011.
‘Helen Kambouridis' work with child victim/survivors has expanded to include young people, aged from 10 to 15 years with problem sexual behaviours, and their families. This interview discusses the changes to the treatment of young adolescent people who sexually perpetrate against their siblings and the impacts and challenges that face their families.’ (- ACSSA)



The Social Justice Report 2011
Mick Gooda, Emilie Priday, Andy Gargett and Katie Kiss, Australian Human Rights Commission, 2011.
‘I believe that if we all play our part, be it as individuals, families, organisations or governments or other third parties, we can start to turn the tide against lateral violence. The first step is simply saying ‘enough is enough’ and declaring a zero tolerance for this sort of abuse.’ (- Mick Gooda)

ThoughtLeadership 2011: Advancement of women in the legal profession [NSW]
Heather Moore and Kate Potter, Law Society, NSW. 2011.
‘This report investigates the barriers and impediments encountered by women who aspire to long and successful careers in the law by examining our profession and the experiences of those who practice within it.’ (- Stuart Westgarth)



An Assault on Our Future: The impact of violence on young people and their relationships
A White Ribbon Foundation Report, 2011.
‘This report examines how violence against women specifically affects children and young people. It looks at the nature of violence they experience in their homes and their own relationships, its impacts, and the priorities for action if efforts to prevent violence among, and protect, young people are to be successful.’  (- WRF)

Changes to the Laws about Domestic Violence – Fact Sheets
Don’t Cross the Line. Government of South Australia, 2011.
‘The State Government is providing better protection for people subjected to domestic and personal abuse. New laws that come into effect on Friday, 9 December 2011 will introduce Intervention Orders which aim to protect people not only from violence, but also threatening and controlling behaviour. These new lawswill also broaden the people who can be protected by Intervention Orders.’ (- Government of SA)

Different types of intimate partner violence – an exploration of the literature
Dr Jane Wangmann, Australian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2011.
‘examines the growing body of research on typologies of intimate partner violence, their potential for informing about perpetrators and abuse, and differences between key theorists.  The paper also considers concerns and criticisms raised about the methodology of various typologies, as well as concerns about their translation into practice.’ (- ADFVC)

Homelessness prevention for women and children who have experienced domestic and family violence
Innovations in policy and practice: Positioning Paper

Angela Spinney and Sarah Blandy, for the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute
‘The purpose of this very specific project is to explore the value and implementation challenges of innovative staying at home homelessness prevention measures, such as Staying Home Leaving Violence schemes in Australia, and Sanctuary schemes in England and Wales.’ (- AHURI)

On Her Way: Primary prevention of violence against immigrant and refugee women in Australia 2011
Carolyn Poljski and Adele Murdolo, Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH), 2011.
‘Primary prevention of violence against immigrant and refugee women in Australia will involve major cultural and social change, so long-term stakeholder commitment (particularly from governments) is essential to generating and maintaining change. Numerous actions are required…’ (- MCWH)

Violence against women in Australia
Research summary addressing the social and economic determinants of mental and physical health
Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, 2011.
‘there is growing international consensus that the causes of violence against women can be modified or eliminated altogether. This means there is considerable scope for communities and governments to prevent violence against women before it occurs.’ (- VHPF)



Considering local context when evaluating a closed circuit television system in public spaces
Jessica Anderson and Amanda McAtamney, Australian Institute of Criminology, 2011.
‘In this paper, a description is provided of the lessons learned by local agencies when implementing a CCTV system that was administered through a grants program. Such experiences, if adequately disseminated, can assist agencies to implement CCTV systems and assist in the development of evaluation strategies.’ (- Adam Tomison) 

Directory of Family and Domestic Violence Statistics, 2011, 4533.0
Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2011.
‘This directory has been produced to improve user awareness of statistical information in the field of Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) and ultimately its use in informing decision-making.
It complements theConceptual Framework for Family and Domestic Violence, Australia, 2009(ABS, cat. no. 4529.0) and aims to provide a single multi-disciplinary reference point containing information about data sources across the health, welfare, family and community services and crime and justice sectors.’(- ABS)

Driving behaviours among people who inject drugs in South Australia, 2006-2011
Rachel Sutherland and Lucy Burns, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales, 2011.
‘Across 2007-2011 the majority of drug drivers continued to report that the use of drugs prior to driving had no impact upon their driving ability. Participants who had used methamphetamine prior to driving were more likely to believe that this had improved their ability to drive…’ (- NDARC) 

Firearm theft in Australia 2008–09
Samantha Bricknell, Australian Institute of Criminology, 2011.
‘The National Firearm Theft Monitoring Program (NFTMP), which covered the period 2004–05 to 2008–09, was established at the Australian Institute of Criminology to compile more detailed information on the nature and characteristics of reported firearm theft events.’ (- AIC)

Uses and abuses of crime statistics
Don Weatherburn, in Crime and Justice Bulletin, Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, NSW, 2011.
‘The increase in media access to information about crime has not been matched by an increase in the quality of media reporting on crime. The misuse of crime statistics by the media has impeded rational debate about law and order.’ (- Don Weatherburn)



Responding to women’s experiences of sexual assault in institutional and care settings
Haley Clark and Bianca Fileborn,  Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2011.
‘…outlines key issues in institutional and care settings ... identifying and responding to women’s recent and past experiences of sexual assault.  In this paper, we draw together the common or shared elements of various institutions identified in the literature. We consider the historical socio-political context of women’s institutionalisation. Then we consider the prevalence of sexual assault, both current and historical, within various institutional settings and explore some of the barriers to disclosing and responding to sexual assault within these settings. Finally, we discuss the relevance of cultural and structural issues in responding to and addressing sexual assault within institutional settings.’(- AIFS)



Half of young criminals reoffend
AdelaideNow Report

Government unable to move against lawyer McGee
ABC Report 

Collapsed abuse case sparks call for reform
ABC Report

Fifteen Men – a hundred sex charges
AdelaideNow Report

Police Ministers Agree To National Domestic And Family Violence Orders Scheme
Australian Labor Party Media Release



Easy Guide to Socialising Online
Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
‘Provides information about the cybersafety features of different sites, including social networking sites, search engines and online games.’ (- DBCDE) 

Fast Facts [on Domestic Violence]
Australian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse 

Suicide Callback Service
Crisis Support Services



Prevention and Risk Controls for Occupational Violence Conference 2012
21 February, 2012. Melbourne, VIC.
Liquid Learning

International Justice Conference
8-11 March, 2012. Perth, WA.
JUSTICEwa.com  'Freeing victims of injustice'

Identifying the Hidden Disaster
The First Australian Conference of Natural Disasters and Family Violence 
9 March, 2012. Melbourne, VIC.
Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse

Kids in Cyberspace
The Authoritative Update on Cybersafety, Online Behaviour, Digital Culture and Cyber-wellness of Young People

16 March, 2012. NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre, Sydney, NSW.
Generation Next

ACOSS National Conference, Sharing the wealth of the lucky country
29-30 March, 2012. Australian Technology Park, Sydney, NSW.
Australian Council of Social Service

Interactive Drawing Therapy Biennial Conference

30 March – 1 April, 2012. Lake Taupo, NZ.
Interactive Drawing Therapy



Training: Law for Community Workers 2012
Available by videoconference or MOVI at any TAFE site that is available Thursday mornings 9 -12.
To book sites, contact Liz Ahern on 8463 3570  liz.ahern@sa.gov.au
Starting Date: Thursday 2 February 2012      
Legal Services Commission of SA

Courses held by the Australian Childhood Foundation in 2012

Courses held by CBT Australia in various centres, in 2012

Courses held at Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria, in 2012

Mental Illness: A Challenge for the Justice System - Forum
15 February, 2012. The Italian Centre, 262 Carrington Street, Adelaide, SA.
Guest speakers:  Dr Adam Tomison, Garner Clancey, Dr Astrid Birgden, Professor Rick Sarre, Greg Mead
Contact: Fiona Gilmore: (08) 8212 8873 or e-mail: fiona.gilmore@mhcsa.org.au

The Principles and Practice of Metacognitive Therapy workshop
17 February. 2012. Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, SA.
Presenter: Professor Adrian Wells, originator of Metacognitive Therapy.

Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy

Rape and Sexual Assault: Training in Counselling
6-7 March, 2012. Port Pirie Regional Health Service, SA.
Contact: 8638 4420 or leeanne.francis@health.sa.gov.au
Port Pirie Regional Rape and Sexual Assault Network and Yarrow Place

Grief Within the Family Context
19 March, 2012. Adelaide, SA.
Presenter: Madeleine Berry

Contact info@grief.org.au
Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement 

Frontiers of Trauma Workshop with Dr Bessel van der Kolk
28-29 March 2012. Melbourne, SA.
Byron Clinic


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