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Victim Support Service (VSS) provides free and confidential help to adult victims of crime, witnesses, their family, and friends across South Australia. We work in partnership with other organisations, we are not a government agency or part of the police and you don't have to report a crime to get our help. It doesn’t matter where the crime happened and you can call us any time after the crime, whether it was yesterday, last week or several years ago.

CE Update: Justice delayed is justice denied

Last week in the news we learnt that the time taken from charges being laid to the completion of a criminal trial in the District Court in NSW has now blown out to 600 days.

The phrase often used by victims and victim advocates is that justice delayed equals justice denied. The effects on victims of justice delayed can be profound. We know that the justice system can compound harms already committed, magnifying feelings of anger, guilt and powerlessness, exacerbating symptoms of post-traumatic stress, and inhibiting and prolonging the grieving process in what is often referred to as ‘secondary victimisation’. When justice is taking the best part of 2 years the strain placed on victims by the justice system has reached alarming levels.

And the Chief Judge in NSW expects the situation to get worse. The state has seen a 40% increase in trials and sentencing registrations in the last two years, at the same time as the length of criminal trials has increased.

Now there are serious concerns that an influx of cases relating to the child sexual abuse royal commission will slow down the justice process even further. These cases, which could number in the hundreds, are expected to run over many days and weeks due to their complexity and multitude of complainants.

Without more resources the backlog seems certain to lengthen, which has serious justice and health implications for those seeking redress.

Julian Roffe
Chief Executive
Victim Support Service

14 March 2017

Advocacy update: Safely Together Pilot Program 

Children need to feel safe to recover from family and domestic abuse.

‘MySafePlace’ is a key component of the Safely Together Program, a new service for children who have experienced family and domestic abuse.

MySafePlace turns children’s dream bedroom designs into a reality, helping them to feel safe and secure in their own home and support their recovery from family and domestic abuse.

These bedroom makeovers are much more than a TV ‘feel-good’ renovation – they will make a lasting difference in the lives of many children and families.

Since 2011 our Staying Home, Staying Safe (SHSS) program has improved the safety and reduced the risk of homelessness for over 4,000 women affected by family and domestic abuse in South Australia by improving their home security, but the funding for this program does not extend to providing specific support to children.

That’s where MySafePlace steps in. This initiative, along with other components of the Safely Together Program will provide a greater level of support for children to help them feel safer in their own home.

Children will also have access to counselling and therapeutic interventions to improve their psychological wellbeing as part of the program.

The Safely Together Program is funded by the Attorney-General’s Department (SA) under the Crime Prevention and Community Safety Grants. 

For more information about our Child Victims of Crime Advocacy Campaign, go to our Create Change page. 

Resource of the Week

Survivors of childhood trauma - Resources for family and friends
Blue Knot Foundation, 2017

Blue Knot Foundation supports adults who have experienced childhood trauma (including abuse), and their family, friends and loved ones, as well as health professionals. This webpage provides helpful information and resources for family and friends, including fact sheets, videos, survivor stories and other relevant information to assist you in supporting survivors of childhood trauma.

Learn more about the Resource Centre and join here 

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